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  6. Demeter debuts science mission

    Publishing date:

    September 24, 2004

    Launched on 29 June, the Demeter microsatellite (Detection of Electro Magnetic Emissions Transmitted from Earthquake Regions) is now on orbit and operational. But before embarking on its mission to study electromagnetic disturbances in the ionosphere associated with earthquakes and tremors, the satellite first had to undergo in-orbit checkout. Throughout the summer, the project team and scientists minded the first newborn in the Myriade series to monitor its flight performance.

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  7. Demeter pulling out all the stops

    Publishing date:

    May 11, 2006

    Launched in 2004, Demeter is set to reach a new milestone on completing 2 years in orbit. Has this small experimental satellite succeeded in penetrating the mysterious ways in which earthquakes and the upper atmosphere appear to be linked? A science symposium in Toulouse, France, from 14-16 June will be presenting its 1st results.

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  11. Thèses

    Publishing date:

    March 17, 2020

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  18. DEMETER: lancé par un missile converti

    Publishing date:

    July 8, 2004

    Nom de code « Satan ». Connu pendant la guerre froide sous ce vocable, l’ancien missile balistique intercontinental SS-18 est à présent commercialisé en tant que lanceur par le consortium russe ISC Kosmotras. Depuis 1999, 3 lancements commerciaux de DNEPR-LV ont été effectués, depuis Baïkonour, mettant en orbite 12 satellites. Le prochain lancement est prévu le 29 juin avec le satellite français DEMETER.

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  20. Satellite

    Publishing date:

    October 17, 2014

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